Trupela Kombo Plans 

30Day Kombo

Prepaid 30 Day Kombo Plan


20 GB


500 (On-Net)


2000 (On-Net)

Expiry: 30 Days



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7Day Kombo

Prepaid 7 Day Kombo Plan


3 GB


200 (On-Net)


1000 (On-Net)

Expiry: 7 Days



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3Day Kombo

Prepaid 3 Day Kombo Plan


2 GB


100 (On-Net)


750 (On-Net)

Expiry: 3 Days



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1Day Kombo

Prepaid 1 Day Kombo Plan


600 MB


50 (On-Net)


250 (On-Net)

Expiry: 24 Hours



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*777# Vodafone PNG Kombo Plans
NamePrice (Kina)DataOn-Net MinsOn-Net SMSExpiry
1Day Kombo PlanK3600 MB5025024 Hours
1Day Kombo PlanK5800 MB10050024 Hours
3Day Kombo PlanK82GB1007503 Days
7Day Kombo PlanK153GB20010007 Days
30Day Kombo PlanK5020GB500200030 Days
30Day Kombo PlanK10050GB1500500030 Days
30Day Kombo PlanK200115GB2000600030 Days
30Day Kombo PlanK300180GB2500700030 Days
30Day Kombo PlanK500335GB3000800030 Days


Kombo Plans

Kombo Plans – Terms and Conditions

  1. Dial *777# or use the MyVodafone App to subscribe to the best combination of data, voice and SMS deals in PNG!
  2. Kombo Plans are available to Prepaid mobile customers only.
  3. Kombo Plans do not auto-renew.
  4. Data rollover is not available.
  5. To use mobile internet services, configure your device’s access point name (APN) to ‘internet’.
  6. On-Net Calls and On-Net SMS benefits are only applicable to Vodafone-to-Vodafone Prepaid numbers.
  7. Standard charges will apply outside of the plan once the allocated benefit finishes or when the plan expires.
  8. Vodafone number range starts with 81XXXXX0 and ends with 81XXXXX9.
  9. Dial *444# or use the MyVodafone App to access Vodafone Prepaid Services.
  10. Our 3G/4G+ coverage is currently available in Port Moresby, Lae, Goroka, Mt. Hagen and Madang.
  11. To use Prepaid 4G+ services, it is mandatory to be in a 4G+ coverage area and have a 4G+ capable phone.
  12. All the rates outlined above are GST inclusive.
  13. For any queries, contact our Customer Care Team on 123 (Free Line for Prepaid), 124 (Premium Charged Line) or chat with us at

How can I subscribe to a Kombo data plan from the MyVodafone App?

  1. Download the MyVodafone App from Google Play Store, iPhone App Store or Huawei App Gallery in your smartphone.
  2. Log in by registering your mobile number in the MyVodafone App. (Note: The OTP Verification Code message will be sent to your SMS inbox.)
  3. Tap on the side menu icon ()
  4. Tap on “Manage Plans”.
  5. Tap on Data or SMS or Voice Plans.
  6. Select a Kombo Plan you wish to buy.
  7. Tap on “BUY PLAN”.
  8. Review the plan details and price, and Tap on “BUY PLAN”.
  9. Tap on “CONFIRM” to complete the subscription process.
  10. An SMS message will be sent to confirm that the Kombo plan has been successfully loaded. Go to the home page or dial *120# to check your balance.

How can I subscribe to a Kombo plan from *777#?

  1. Dial *777#
  2. Enter the option number 1 to select “Kombo Plans”
  3. Enter the option number of the Kombo plan you wish to buy.
  4. Verify plan details and Enter 1 to Select Yes to complete the subscription process.
  5. An SMS message will be sent to confirm that the Kombo plan has been successfully loaded. You may dial *120# to check your balance.

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